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Powered By Tea: Kim Cohn Founder, Farm to Tea

I'm Kim Cohn, the founder of Farm to Tea, sourcing tea directly from small-scale farmers to you! 

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How would your friends describe you?

Enthusiastic, driven, bookish and kind.

What’s a favorite novel?

So many! But if I'm being honest, one that sticks with me in terms of something I'd like to have written is "The Girl on the Train". Pairs great with a steaming cup of tea.

What are three things that you can't live without?

Hiking, my dog Lamb, and good whole leaf tea (of course!)

What is one non-tea product you're loving right now?

Sitka salmon shares. The fish is a revelation, it tastes and smells so fresh. I can't go back to grocery store fish.

What are you watching?

On Youtube: Roha's videos are ASMR for my brain.

On Netflix: Next on my list is Kiss the Ground

Favorite Destinations?

I haven't travelled a ton, unfortunately. But I spent a delightful semester abroad in London. And for vacationing, I loved visiting Hawaii.

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 Why did you start "Farm To Tea"?

I wanted to provide a tea that's of higher quality than what you can find in supermarkets, that directly supports farmers in regional food systems. I source my tea directly from a small-scale garden in Volcano, Hawaii. The growers, Eva and Chiu, are too small to be certified organic, but they do not use pesticides or chemicals. I think regenerative agriculture has a big part to play in reducing climate change.